Chatting with National

The Compassionate Friends chat page is not easy to access, I will try to make it easy for you to join. When you are ready to join the chat, use this link:

Chat schedule

It will take you to the schedule. Please keep in mind that all the times in this schedule are East Coast times no matter where you are. The chat times are normally from 8 to 11 pm most nights but you must look at the schedule. Now pick a room and click on Enter.

If you are a registered user, It will ask you for your user name, and then will ask you for your password. This is a 2 step procedure, I don't know why.

In any case be sure to type your username and password, you may be asked for them several times.

If the chat room is open you will be online right there and then. The name of the moderator(s) will be on top and on green. In order to see more text, you can click on the 4 arrows. You can also make the font larger. I went into the chat in a time when lines of text were just flashing by and I was barely able to read the contents. I hope this is not like that every night, there are several conversations going on at the same time and to me was very confusing but after a while you could get a hang of it. The contents of the right hand panel is the people in the chat room at that time. When I went in there were 25 people. Can you imagine, 25 people typing at the same time?

Please let me know if there are changes that are needed to make it easier for anyone to use this support tool.

Any way, give it a try, .

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